Hip Pain

Symptoms by body part:

Coxofemoral (Hip)
Acute Pain
Reduction in Range of Motion
Referred Pain
Gluteal (Buttocks)
Acute Pain
Acute/Chronic Pain
Inguinal/Iliopsoas (Upper-Outer-Groin)
Acute Pain
Muscle Tightness

Hip pain is a common complaint at our office. It is similar to the shoulder joint as it is a ball in socket joint that has a tremendous Range of Motion with more force application, held in place by muscles, tendons and ligaments. It has a direct association with pelvic tilt and rotation and therefore it often becomes dysfunctional whenever the lumbar or pelvic regions of the spine become aberrant in their function.  

There are a signficant number of muslces that contribute to normal hip (coxofemoral joint) function. Of which, the iliopsoas, piriformis and gluteal muscles are some of the most important. Treatment is most successful when you evaluate and treat the lumbar, pelvic and hip joints in association with the soft tissue, or muscles that control hip function. 

We have the most success with internal and/or external rotational hip adjustments performed with a drop-table, applying force along the appropriate vector. This, in assocation with Active Release to the iliopsoas, percussor and stretching to the gluteal, piriformis, lumbar paraspinals and often chiropractic treatment of the rotated/fixated sacrum, pelvic and lumbar regions are all included. Lumbar decompression is often utilized to treat chronic lumbar joint/disc dysfunction that causes compensatory response from the pelvic and hip joints is often considered. 

Arthritis is often a factor with age, but not necessarily the cause of your pain. A careful evaluation and a treatment plan that consists of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy that may involve appropriate imaging (x-ray/MRI), Chiropractic adjustments (thompson technique for the hip), myofascial release, graston, lumbar decompression, kinesio taping, electrical muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction, active release technique, vibracussor, stretching and strengthening. 

At Portland Chiropractic Neurology, Maine's only Chiropractic Neurology practice, we offer all of these treatments to ensure treatment of all contributing factors.